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He has a cult following. So what happens when a reporter traps JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater in an elevator and starts asking questions? Hear what the escape artist has to say about his rage filled exit off the emergency slide.

Want a baby, but you want to wait and you don't have a partner? Freeze your eggs. For the first time in Hawaii, a baby has been born from a frozen egg. In the past, fertilization experts have only been able to freeze and embryo and sperm. Who has this biotechnology, that's on Hawaii News Now.

You know him from MadTV and as the brother of Cuba Gooding, Junior in "Jerry Maguire". Comedian Aries Spears will tell us why he's teaming up with Shaquille O'Neal.

Miss the days of chocolate pudding, grilled cheese and sour patch kids? Alyson Helwagen from Living Lei Chic will show you which restaurants have the tasty grown-up versions.

Did you know that the weekend is tantalizingly close? (You got to reach for it!) Our weatherman Dan Cooke certainly does. Look for the weekend forecast this morning.

And Sunny is happy to be back. Check out her starring role in a short film where she gets dognapped. Who would take her? You won't believe it!

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