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Chai's Choices: hot pot

Chef Chai Chef Chai

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - If you watch our show, you know we LOVE to eat. Chef Chai joins is back. This week, he's making one of our favorites, hot pot!

Not only is it healthy, but it is so delicious. We could eat it every day, if we only knew how to make it.

Watch and learn how to make nabe, the Chai way.


Island Hot Pot

Spicy Lemon Grass Broth


8 cups of chicken stock

2 stock of lemongrass, slices

8 pieces of kaffir lime leaves

1 clove of shallot

1 clove of garlic

2 pieces of cherry tomato cut into halves

1/2 tablespoon of sugar

2 tablespoons of fish sauce (to taste)

½   tablespoon of chili paste in oil


White Miso Broth


8 cups of chicken stock

1 tablespoon Dashi

1 cup white Miso


Taiwanese Hot Pot (Huo Guo)


8 cups of chicken stock

2 bay leaves

2 licorice root

2 star anise

1 slice ginger

5 clove of garlic

½ cup slice onions

2 clove of crispy shallot


Bangkok Style Hot Pot


8 cups of chicken stock

½ cup Chinese Celery

½ cup green onion

½ cup slice onions

2 cloves of garlic



Garlic Dipping Sauce (combine the following ingredients)

1 tablespoon fine chopped garlic

1/2 tablespoon fine chopped lemongrass

1 tablespoon chopped Chinese parsley (Cilantro)

1 piece fresh Chili pepper fine chopped

2 pieces Kaffie lime leaves fine chopped

3 tablespoons lime or lemon juice

2 tablespoons fish sauce

1 tablespoon sugar


Spicy Sambol Chili Lime Sauce

1 tablespoon Sambal Chili

2 tablespoons Lime Juice

Dash of sugar


Spicy Sriracha Hoisin

1 tablespoon Sriracha Chili

1 tablespoon Hoisin


Meat and Veggies

Beef Round Eye 3 oz

158Cal, 45mg Cholesterol, 20g protein, 3g fat and NO carb


Beef Tenderloin 3 oz

190Cal, 73mg Cholesterol, 22g protein, 8.5g fat and NO carb


Wagyu Beef 3 oz

250Cal, 70mg Cholesterol, 14g protein, 21g fat and NO carb


Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast 3 oz

100Cal, 50mg Cholesterol, 18g protein, 1g fat and NO carb


Lean Pork Tenderloin 3 oz

98Cal, 45mg Cholesterol, 17g protein, 1.8g fat and NO carb


Ground Pork and Crab Meat Balls 3 oz

137Cal, 47mg Cholesterol, 16g protein, 9g fat and 3.5g carb


Black Tiger Prawns 4 oz

112Cal, 60mg Cholesterol,16g protein, 1.5g fat and 1g carb


Sea Scallop 4 oz

100Cal, 60mg Cholesterol, 19g protein, 0.8g fat and 2.8g carb


Fresh King Salmon 3 oz

100Cal, 44mg Cholesterol, 17g protein, 3g fat and NO carb


Fresh Mahi Mahi 3 oz 

60Cal, 44mg Cholesterol, 20g protein, 1g fat and NO carb


Fresh Snapper 3 oz

66Cal, 44mg Cholesterol, 17.5g protein, 1.2g fat and NO carb


Fresh Oyster in half shell, 4 pieces

160Cal, 100mg Cholesterol, 17.5g protein, 4.4g fat and 10g carb


Fresh Ong Choi (Asian Watercress) 2 cups

40Cal, NO Cholesterol, 4g protein, NO fat and 8g carb


Won Buk (Napa Cabbage) 2 cups

25Cal, NO Cholesterol, 2g protein, NO fat and 8g carb


Enoki Mushroom 3.5 Oz

45Cal, NO Cholesterol, 2g protein, NO fat and 8g carb


Vermicelli Noodles 2 oz 

160Cal, NO Cholesterol, 0.25g protein, .05g fat and 42g carb


Soft Tofu 120 g

73Cal, NO Cholesterol, 8g protein, 4g fat and 2g carb 

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