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Family members, fellow Freemasons react to loss of loved ones

Martin Wong Martin Wong
Mike Wong Mike Wong
Dexter Lum Dexter Lum
Charlie Wegener Charlie Wegener

By Teri Okita - email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Hawaii Freemasons say they're "in a world of despair" after an SUV driven by a fellow Mason struck and pinned the victims underneath the vehicle.  The Freemasons say they are still in shock and in mourning, and one of the victim's family members says he feels just as bad for the driver.

"It's just one of those unfortunate accidents, tragic accidents", Mike Wong says.

 He flips through a photo album filled with happy memories of his trip to Japan with his father last May. But the last two days have been some of Mike's toughest.  Thursday afternoon, he received that dreaded call to head down to Queens Medical Center where his 77-year-old father, Martin, lay dying.

Martin Wong was standing next to an SUV driven by his good friend and fellow Freemason, Charlie Wegener, when the vehicle went out-of-control outside Treetops restaurant in Manoa. Martin was pinned between the ground and the SUV's undercarriage.

 Martin's other friend, 68-year-old Mason Dexter Lum, was also dragged under the SUV and died. Police arrested Wegener for suspicion of negligent homicide.

All that's left at the scene is a bit of yellow police tape, but Martin Wong's son says his father was really excited about going to lunch with his buddies at Treetops. In fact, all of the men who were involved in the incident would carpool to different charity events.

Despite the tragedy, Mike holds no grudges and says his dad wouldn't, either. "Wherever he is, and my guess is, somewhere above us, I'm sure that he's fine, and I know that he harbors no ill will towards any of his friends."

The Freemasons of Hawaii are grappling with the loss of good friends while fielding calls of support from around the world. They say Wegener is devastated.

"He's handling it very hard, "explains Freemason member Marty Alexander, " He was as close to them as anybody else. Police released Wegener and are still inspecting the SUV as the investigation continues.

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