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Abercrombie and Hannemann show off their Obama-ness

Neil Abercrombie Neil Abercrombie
Mufi Hannemann Mufi Hannemann

PUHI, Kauai (HawaiiNewsNow) - The two leading Democratic candidates for governor faced off on Kauai Thursday night in the campaigns' first real debate.

Mufi Hannemann and Neil Abercrombie went up against each other at Kauai Community College in Puhi. The candidates focused more on experience and leadership than the political issues at hand.

Abercrombie honed in on his readiness to lead and Hannemann pushed his experience as a local businessman. They both claimed close ties with President Obama, whom Abercrombie knew as a child.

Abercrombie mentioned, "There's that personal experience, not that he'd do anything special for us. But, my experience bringing bills home for the people of Hawaii."

Hannemann rebutted by saying, "I knew the president when his name was Barry when he came to Hawaii. He hailed me as one of the best mayors in America. I can't let my opponent out-Obama me saying he's gonna get things from the White House that I can't get."

The race heats up as the candidates continue to vie for governor.

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