Renovations will extend Aloha Stadium's life

Scott Chan
Scott Chan
Russ Saito
Russ Saito

By Brooks Baehr - bio | email

HALAWA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Renovations being done at Aloha Stadium are intended to extend the life of the stadium for at least another 20 years and should enhance the fan experience this coming football season.

The state is spending $71 million dollars to reinforce steel support beams, remove corrosion, install a new roof, bring in new seats, reduce "bounce" in bridges that connect sideline sections with endzone sections, and build a new larger concession stand in the South plaza.

"So the stadium is now structurally sound.  I mean it's been structurally sound, but we can now certify its structural integrity.  We actually had some wind tunnel testing on a model when we did the structural certification," said Russ Saito, state comptroller and director of the Department of Accounting and General Services.

Facades and steel portions of the stadium that used to be painted brown are being painted green.

"Green is a very environmentally friendly color.  The other thing is that green goes with almost any other color scheme that you want to use for the seating.  And finally green is the color of the University of Hawaii," Saito added.

"I think the biggest change that our fans will notice when they come in this year is a new Aloha Vision LED board that we're going to open up this year with the USC game," said Stadium manager Scott Chan.

The new LED scoreboard is larger than the old video screen and should give fans a clearer, crisper look at replays.

The state did not pay a cent for the scoreboard.  A private company, CBS Collegiate Sports Properties, installed the scoreboard in exchange for advertising space in the stadium.

Scaffolding and large plastic "curtains" draped from the scaffolding will remain in place as anti-corrosion work continues during football season.

Two-thirds of the new roof has already been installed.  The remaining section of roof will be put in place after the football season.

Rain water used to leak from the South plaza to the lockerooms and executive offices below.  The South concourse has been "waterproofed" to stop the leaks.

New Field Turf will be installed after the NFL Pro Bowl is played at Aloha Stadium in February.

Stadium management plans to ask the legislature for money next year to build more bathrooms and elevators.

The University of Hawaii kicks off its 2010 season against USC September 2 at Aloha Stadium.  The stadium is also used for high school football.

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