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America's Bad Breath Doctor tests Honolulu's breath

Dr. Harold Katz Dr. Harold Katz
Halimeter Test Halimeter Test
The Halimeter The Halimeter
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HONOLULU, Oahu (HawaiiNewsNow) - Have you ever been self-conscious about your breath? We have Dr. Harold Katz in studio, he's the founder of the California Breath Clinics, and the recognized expert in the fields of bad breath, sour/bitter taste and dry mouth. Dr. Katz, A.K.A. America's bad breath doctor, is traveling the country to find the city with the best breath! Is it Honolulu? We're finding out. He uses his 'halimeter' to determine the amount of bad breath causing sulfur compounds in the mouth.

National Fresh Breath Day

Friday, August 6

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Conditions that trigger bad breath:

- A dry mouth

- Thick saliva

- Excess mucus in the throat

- Post nasal drip

- Diet high in proteins

- Smoking

- Alcohol

- Hormonal changes

- Medications which have dry mouth as a side-effect

- History of diabetes

- Special types of diets (atkins or other high protein diets)

- Excessive use of "old-fashioned" oral products containing alcohol and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)


Tips to prevent it:

- Cut down on dairy foods

- Drink plenty of water

- Avoid gum and mints with sugar

- Avoid alcohol and smoking

- Use toothpaste with oxygenating compounds only - not those with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate


For more information on TheraBreath click HERE for a link to their website.

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