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Controversial Ewa neighborhood board discusses complaints

Marcie-Ann Nagata Marcie-Ann Nagata
Kurt Fevella Kurt Fevella

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - "Can't we all get along?" A rhetorical question tonight at a meeting of current and former members of the Ewa Neighborhood Board.

The complaints began after a few disorderly meetings in the past year, some so out of control the police intervened.

On Monday night, the Neighborhood Commission held a sanctions hearing, centered around former chair Kurt Fevella, who was named in four complaints from fellow board members.

Former member, Marcie-Ann Nagata says that Fevella failed to step-in, when the public harassed her at meetings.

"I feel like I'm not safe, where I'm at, with the people of our neighborhood yelling out from the audience," Nagata said.

Fevella defended his actions.

"It was not just me, not trying to control the whole board, yeah I am chair, but I also have other board members that can help me to keep control and order," he said.

The Neighborhood Commission office has already suspended the Ewa Board from meeting for the next two months.

Instead, they must attend training sessions. The Commission now has 15 days to make a decision on the formal complaints.

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