Lava burns home, reaches ocean

Lava burns home, reaches ocean

KALAPANA, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Lava from Kilauea showed off its unstoppable power of beauty and destruction on Sunday. The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports that around 3:30 AM Sunday, the flow of molten rock finally reached a house in Kalapana, quickly devouring it. It's the western-most house on Highway 137.

Pictures sent in by Leigh Hilbert show the lava, igniting the home on fire.By sunrise, only the roof and water tank were visible.

The flow continues to slowly move northeast near the western edge of the Kalapana Gardens subdivision, but right now, no other homes are in danger.

Sunday's other big event happened at 2:07 PM when lava finally poured into the ocean, boiling the water and sending clouds of steam into the sky.

Spectators have waited for more than a week for the flow to advance just a few hundred feet to the ocean's edge.

Last Wednesday, it stalled, after the lava oozed into a cavity, slowly filling it until it finally overflowed out to sea.

Photo and video source: Leigh Hilbert Photography

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