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Honolulu Advertiser's history auctioned off

Auction of Honolulu Advertiser Auction of Honolulu Advertiser
The late Bob Krauss's typewriter The late Bob Krauss's typewriter
Vickie Ong Mizumoto Vickie Ong Mizumoto
Ann Ruby Ann Ruby

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

KAKAAKO (HawaiiNewsNow) - Pieces of Hawaii's newspaper history are now in other's hands. On Saturday, the Honolulu Advertiser held an auction.

Some came to buy, while others just wanted to bid aloha to more than a century of memories one last time.

The sound of the hammer pounding was difficult to hear for Eugene Tanner, a former Honolulu Advertiser photographer.

"It's very sad to hear him pounding his hammer because that's a part of newspaper history in Hawaii that's walking out the door forever," said Tanner.

So for every pound, Tanner followed it with a camera click, making sure to chronicle as much of the Advertiser's 154 years as possible.

"Longtime employee David Yamada who worked for the Advertiser for over 41 years sat here," said Tanner, showing Yamada's empty desk.

And still bearing Yamada's name is an old time sheet tray, personalized with other newspaper veterans like Bruce Asato and Norm Shapiro.

Also on the auction block was the very typewriter the late columnist Bob Krauss used during his 55-year career.

An item former employee Vickie Ong Mizumoto quickly snatched was a framed front page article from 1996 about the day police shot a gunman who held a man hostage at Sand Island.

"It was such a big story and we worked together as a team, our reporters, our photographers, our artists, it was an example of the Advertiser at its very best," said Mizumoto.

"It's history. I mean, I never in my lifetime dreamed that the Advertiser would stop publishing," said Ann Ruby, an attendee.

And that's why Tanner came to the old Honolulu Advertiser building to capture what's left.

"To keep it alive, at least in my memory and in my heart and soul," said Tanner.


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