Local connection: Some truth on the homeless problem

Let's cut to the chase on the homeless problem. There are some basic things we should be able to agree on. Maybe we don't want to help the professional beggar, or the guy who couldn't find work in California and got his brother-in-law to buy him a plane ticket. But most of our homeless are locals who got hurt bad in the recession. Most are not drug users or schizophrenics. Many have jobs. And many have children still attending school.

They deserve our best efforts to keep them safe and get them help. But moving the homeless out of the tourist areas does not conflict with that. And if the homeless problem damaged the tourism recovery - well, who wants to cost jobs and possibly create still more homelessness? Finally, as we look for solutions, don't let politicians get caught up in attacking the other guy's plan. Homelessness is a hard enough problem to address without bashing anybody who sticks his head up.