Honolulu's Ezekiel Lau is one of the top amateur surfers

Honolulu's Ezekiel Lau is one of the top amateur surfers

By Holly Juscen – bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Flashy, confident and driven. These are just a few words to describe 16-year-old Ezekiel Lau. He simply goes by Zeke. He's a honolulu native is one of the top young surfers in the world.

Earlier this month Lau won the High School Varsity Men's Division at the NSSA Nationals in Southern California.

"I try to be as powerful and quick as I can, I try to be flashy, I guess. The location changed for this years event, it used to be a Lower Trestles , they moved it to Huntington Beach, the waves weren't as good as Lower Trestles but it was still pretty fun," said Ezeziel Lau, one of Oahu's top amateur surfers.

Lau is a junior at Kamehameha Kapalama. Since the I-L-H doesn't have surf teams, he and his classmates started a surf club, and they all competed at nationals. Lau has always been one of the top dog, with a long list of sponsors and he is planning to go pro after graduating.

"It's hard because all the kids who are surfing and do all the contests I do, are all home schooled so they have more flexibility with there schedule, they get to travel everywhere, to all the best places. It's kind of hard not to do all those things," said Lau.

In his spare time, you can find Zeke a Kewalos, that's where he grew up surfing. His father, Leonard Lau, was a wide receiver at UH, and is Zekes driving force. The family is competitive, so Ezekiel is always striving to be one step ahead.

"There's people I like how they surf, I want to take my own path and be a little different. A lot of surfers just try and show up and just surf, I want to be more like a professional athlete. You train and try to be the best competitor you can be, " aid Lau.

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