Stabbing, burn victim's landlord returns to charred home to begin cleanup

Stabbing, burn victim's landlord returns to charred home to begin cleanup
Sheila Kurosu
Sheila Kurosu
The suspect, David Silverman, during his arrest in Waikiki
The suspect, David Silverman, during his arrest in Waikiki
The victim's rental car being towed away
The victim's rental car being towed away

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PEARL CITY (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Pearl City man who was stabbed and burned in his home Monday remains in a coma, while his alleged attacker sits inside Honolulu's main police cellblock awaiting multiple felony charges.

On Tuesday, the victim's landlord returned to scene to begin cleaning up. Nova-Jean McKenzie says the house has been in her family since it was built in 1904.

With help from her daughter, Nova-Jean McKenzie, 71, launched a damaged TV out the front door of her charred home. A day after her tenant was stabbed and the Pearl City house, which has been in her family for generations, was set on fire, McKenzie sifted through the rubble to salvage what she could.

"Some of the pictures," she said as she combed through the mess.

"I was overcome with grief because we grew up playing down here when we were small kids," Sheila Kurosu, landlord's daughter, said. "So to see the house in the condition it is was shocking."

Monday night in Waikiki, police took David Silverman, 41, into custody on suspicion of attempted murder, arson and criminal property damage. Hawaii News Now has exclusive video of the arrest.

Silverman is accused of attacking his business partner, David Davis, 52, in his living room in an apparent dispute over money. McKenzie says her tenant struggled to the bathroom before escaping the burning home through a window.

"Turned on the faucet, doused himself," she showed this reporter. "I guess he was burning. That's all blood from him. Then collapsed in the yard."

"I got really angry that somebody would be evil enough to do this, had no regard for property or life," Kurosu said. "We're still worried about David. We don't know. We know he's still in a coma. We know he's in critical."

A tow truck arrived to pick up the victim's rental car.

His landlord says she was surprised to learn that he kept firearms, ammunition and drugs in the home. Neighbors say officers responded to an argument at the house just last week.

"Ugh, no end," McKenzie said while standing in the blackened living room.

"What a mess," her daughter followed.

McKenzie says Davis' pregnant wife had flown to Thailand to be with her dying father, and that Davis had been packing up to join her.

"They were very friendly," Kurosu said. "They seemed like a very nice couple. The neighbors said the same thing, until some of the incidents started happening."

McKenzie and her daughter say they slept well Monday night knowing the suspect was in custody.

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