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Observers grade Hannemann's job performance

Dan Boylan Dan Boylan
Bill Boyd Bill Boyd
Carroll Cox Carroll Cox
Mufi Hannemann Mufi Hannemann

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email 

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - As Mufi Hannemann leaves one political arena for another, Hawaii News Now asked three observers to grade his job performance as Honolulu's mayor.

"I'd give him a B," political analyst Dan Boylan said.

Boylan gave Hannemann high marks overall for managing the city and for getting a General Excise tax hike for rail.

"It showed a mayor as player not always in confrontation, but a guy who could go down to the legislature and work from office to office to office and persuade people to do something that politicians don't like to do - raise taxes," Boylan said.

UH Economics professor Bill Boyd gave Hannemann a B+ for what Boyd calls "breaking the mayoral mode."

"There's always been this taint of scandal in terms of the awarding of contracts or campaign funds. You just haven't seen that with this administration," he said.

Boyd said Hannemann scores well for leading the city during a recession driven budget crisis. He said Hannemann de-emphasized spending cuts and used stimulus money wisely.

But environmental watch dog Carroll Cox of EnviroWatch said Hannemann should have been more efficient in recycling efforts.

"I would give Mayor Hannemann a failing grade. We still have a tremendous amount of waste being burned at HPower. We're still seeing a large amount of waste being dumped in the Waimanalo Gulch," he said.  "If we had seen the same vigor that he put in the rail system as he should have put in the environment we'd be far ahead in the game."

Cox said Hannemann could have widened his circle of advisors.

Boylan said Hannemann fell short in the category of public perception.

"There is a persistence of people who complain that the mayor has to have it his way," he said.

Hannemann said he wanted to improve the quality of life for everyone on Oahu.

Individuals will decide if he met the mark or missed it.

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