Kemoeatu looking to bounce back

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Sometimes a fresh start can bring out the best in an athletes ability's. That's what Kahuku grad and 8-year NFL veteran Ma'ake Kemoeatu hopes will ring true in Washington this season.

It was a moment like no other for maake kemoeatu. Just minutes into the Carolina Panthers first training camp practice of 2009 the Panthers starting nose tackle went down with a torn achilles.

Ma'ake's 2009 season was done but that's where his motivation for 2010 began.

"It's a really big chip man. I missed out on a whole season and that was the first season I had missed since playing out here in high school. So getting back on the football field is really big."

One of Maake's biggest obstacles after rehab was himself. Standing at 6-2, Kemoeatu weighed in at 390-pounds. So this off season Maake literally worked his butt off to get down to 350lbs.

When he told the Redskins he'd be coming to hawaii for a week, they made sure he'd return the same size as when he left.

"They said well if you're going to hawaii then your trainer is coming with you too. We know there's a lot of good food in hawaii and you can get a little weight when you go out there. So the trainers out here trying to keep me in shape."

Keeping in shape for a title run is Maake's top priority and he says the addition of quarterback Donovan McNabb has the Redskins believing a run at the Lombardi trophy is within reach.

"Donovan McNabb is a character. He's a fun guy to be around in the locker room and we were talking about going to a Super Bowl. Right now I'm talking about a superbowl too. Hopefully 4-5 months from now we're playing in a superbowl so we'll see what happens."

Maake will be the second player with hawaii ties on washington's roster this season. Former Warrior Colt Brennan is entering his third season and has been more than happy to welcome a fellow hawaii boy into D.C.

Added Ma'ake, "Colt has looked out for me. He's taken me under his wings. Colts the big guy out there so hopefully we'll come back out here (Hawaii) and do football camps together."