72 dogs rescued during Leeward coast homeless sweep

72 dogs rescued during Leeward coast homeless sweep
Jody Badedeviney
Jody Badedeviney

By Holly Juscen – bio | email

NANAKULI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Dozens of dogs were rescued off the coast of Nanakuli Monday during a homeless sweep in an area called ' Guardrails.' The Oahu SPCA along with the Humane Society are now caring for the dogs, who had to be separated from their owners

"It's heartbreaking. Just sitting with them, having them see their pet for the last time riding away, it's very hard, " said Jody Badedeviney, Director of Operations, Oahu SPCA.

Honolulu police began removing the campers and tents at about 9am. The sweep is part of the county's efforts to clean up Oahu's coastlines. Some, who will move to homeless shelters, can't take their dogs, others are just trying to figure their next move

"I have no words for how I feel right now -- I have no where to go --- i'm really worried about my dog, " said 'JR', who was removed during the homeless sweep.

"We are down here to help the dogs. We try to make sure they are taken care of. The owners really want to take care of their babies, it destroys your heart, it's heart wrenching, " said Leatisha Steele, of K-9 Kokua.

Leatisha Steele of k-9 Kokua is also part of the rescue effort. She is housing several of the pups while their owners find a new place to live.

But most of the dogs are now at an SPCA warehouse in Kapolei. Once the dogs arrive they are immediately shampooed and treated.

Some of the pups are in pretty bad shape, one black lab mix named Rodgers had open sores all over his body.

"They don't have the means to take care of them. That''s why we are here -- some have skin conditions, health problems heart worms," said Badedeviney.

Oahu SPCA says the dogs can eventually be adopted or taken into foster care.

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