Landfill company sues city

Landfill company sues city
Bruce Lamon
Bruce Lamon
Rose Woods
Rose Woods

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

NANAKULI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Oahu's construction and demolition debris winds up in the PVT Landfill in Nanakuli.

In six to ten years it will run out of space.

So PVT's sister company, Leeward Land Company, wants to move the operation to 179 acres nearby.

But the city wants to buy that land and build a regional park. So Leeward Land Company is suing.

"It's obvious to us that what the mayor has in mind is to shut down the construction and demolition landfill," Leeward Land attorney Bruce Lamon said.

The lawsuit alleges the city violated ordinances and appropriated funds to buy the land that can only be used for preservation purposes. The complaint also said the city has not prepared an environmental assessment.

But Mayor Mufi Hannemann said Leeward Land is barking up the wrong tree..

"This community announced that they want a regional park. This did not come from the mayor's office. This came from the community," he said.

Rose Woods and her family live near the PVT site. She said Nanakuli kids need a regional park to get them off the street, not another landfill.

"This is their playground. They don't have a park where they can play at," she said. "We have to tell them to come in at four because people are coming home from work and there's cars on the road."

But Leeward Land said the property is poorly suited for park use.

"It's very hot. It's very dry. There's no potable water up their. There's no shade. The area is beset with periodic wildfires," Lamon said.

Leeward Land Company has suggested the city phase in a park over the PVT site as it reaches capacity. The Kakaako Waterfront Park that's also built on a landfill.

The company said Oahu will need a place to send construction and demolition debris after PVT closes.

Now it's taking that argument to court.

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