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Howzit Howard: jobless rolls

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The vast majority of people who leave Hawaii's jobless rolls do so because they find work. But 6,000 unemployed locals left the jobless rolls at the end of June because their extended benefits ran out. Thousands more will run out of unemployment checks over the rest of the summer unless the benefits are extended or they find new jobs. In Hawaii those extended benefits ran for 73 weeks.

We all love our Kona, but it's time to acknowledge the quality of other Hawaiian coffees. Independent judges, who didn't know which coffees they were slurping, award their highest rating, in the nineties, to Rusty's Hawaiian Coffee of Ka'u district, at the far southern end of the Big Island. Coffees from Ka'u and Maui won other spots in the top 10, along with several Kona coffees. This independent recognition of the quality of the non-Kona coffees is important marketing news at a time when the economy, and with it the market for specialty coffees, is improving.

Delta Airlines has posted a $467 million spring profit. It swung into the black on 17 percent more revenue that it had in the same quarter last year. The key difference was that the revenue rose twice as much as the jet fuel bill. United reports second quarter results Tuesday, American the day after.

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