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Speed a factor in two car versus house crashes on Oahu

Ted Fukushima Ted Fukushima
Lopaka Brown Lopaka Brown
Nalani Jones-Brown Nalani Jones-Brown
Shawn Reynoso Shawn Reynoso

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Reckless drivers are putting communities at risk. That's the word from several residents after a couple of crashes on Oahu Sunday. Neighbors say it is a constant problem.

Two quiet Oahu homes are in located in neighborhoods miles apart. One in Ewa Beach the other in Moanalua Valley. Both family households nearly became casualties by nearly the exact same set of circumstances.

"It was like an explosion."

"I heard a boom."

"It was kind of a loud explosion."

At 2:45 AM, Ewa Beach homeowner Lopaka Brown says he heard a bang.

"We know that it took the light pole out… came across the median strip and since there's no skid marks - he airborned right into our wall over here" said Brown.

Just hours later in Moanalua Valley, Ted Fukushima had a similar story.

"I heard a big boom and the building shook a little bit, I rushed to the front door and amazingly, it was my house" said Fukushima.

In both cases the homeowner's families were inside the homes. Although unrelated the two incidents are tied together by the same culprit, speed.

"I'm just thankful it didn't come right throw the window, right to me" said Nalani Jones-Brown.

"That car right there was racing up the street, the green car hit the curb right here, popped the tire, nudged that car over, spun out, hit the wall spun around and nailed the house" said Shawn Reynoso.

The posted speed limit on both streets is 25 mph, yet residents claim more and more drivers simply ignore the law.

"Oh, excess of ninety miles per hour" said Brown.

Both vehicle impacts shattered concrete and rock walls, shooting debris nearly 50 feet away at the Browns and embedding a chunk of cement into the Fukushima's garage. Both parties say these types of accidents have happened before and they're not completely surprised that it's happening again.

"From my house to maybe about four homes up, we've had so much accidents similar to this" said Fukushima.

Lopaka and Ted have each contacted their district representatives but have yet to see any action taken.

"They wrote back and that something would happen but it's been years, it's been years" said Fukushima.

"It's the first time here but we knew it was bound to happen, we just didn't know when. It was last night" said Jones -Brown.

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