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Big wave canoe surf contest in Waikiki

Fred Hemmings - Competitor Fred Hemmings - Competitor
Alika Winter - Event Organizer Alika Winter - Event Organizer

HONOLULU, Oahu (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Eddie Aikau surf contest draws thousands to the shores of Waimea Bay, and a new big wave competition in Waikiki hopes to do the same. Using the "Eddie" format, waiting for maxed out conditions in town, the Primo Castles Cup Canoe Surfing Event is sure to be a draw.

Held at one of Hawaii's most iconic locales, Castles is a break steeped in tradition and is a perfect venue for the contest. Said to be the place that legendary waterman and three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Duke Kahanamoku caught a wave that stretched nearly a mile, it's only fitting that Primo would hold the event at this historic reef.

There are a number of teams already slated and eyeing down the buoys for a jump in swell. The current roster of competitors includes a virtual who's who of Hawaiian waterman. Team Primo, made up of an all-star crew from the 2009 Molokai race, and as well as Team Outrigger Canoe Club, led by Senator Fred Hemmings, are already chomping at the bit for the event to run. To boot, Rusty Keaulana, Brian Keaulana, Mel Puu and Bonga Perkins will be competing as well.

Primo Castles Cup Canoe Surfing Event

Holding Period: June 14 - August 31

Castles surf break, offshore from the Natatorium in Waikiki

Click HERE for a link to their website and information on the competition.

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