Honolulu police chief addresses DUI overtime scandal

Honolulu police chief addresses DUI overtime scandal

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - New developments in the HPD scandal over DUI reports. Hawaii News Now broke the story last week about an alleged overtime scam. Wednesday we are hearing for the first time from the police chief.

It's the first major controversy Honolulu Police Chief, Louis Kealoha has had to deal with. Two unidentified police sergeants in charge of DUI enforcement are under investigation. They allegedly filed false reports, so they could collect overtime. The investigation has also expanded to include six other unidentified officers who worked under them.

"We don't want this investigation to taint the good work that our police officers are doing out there" said Kealoha.

"It's not limited to just one area in the department. We have patrol officers that do DUI enforcement throughout so it's definitely that any of these complaints are a concern to us, but it's not going to severely impact our ability to find DUI's and all of that."

All of the officers under investigation have been stripped of their badges, guns and police powers and assigned to desk duty. The move is called restriction of police authority, or ROPA. Sources say it was ordered on Monday, after Hawaii News Now's Minna Sugimoto broke the story last week.

The city prosecutor's office is reviewing the tainted DUI cases and says at least 12 of them involving the sergeants, have already been thrown out of court.

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