Survey: Hawaii near the bottom of US states for business

Survey: Hawaii near the bottom of US states for business

HONOLULU - (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii comes in low, 48th in a new CNBC ranking of America's top states for business. With input from the National Association of Manufacturers, they worked up ten categories to measure, weighting the ones mentioned most frequently in the state's own economic development marketing materials. Number one overall was Texas. Last place was Alaska.

The top five overall were Texas, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina and Massachusetts. Texas was first for economic health, Virginia was second for business friendliness, a category where Delaware came in first.

Massachusetts came in first for education, second for access to capital, and third for innovation. California came in first for access to capital but still came in only thirty-second overall. Iowa, ranked first for cost of business, came in sixth overall.

Hawaii was first in the nation, but only for quality of life. Our state ranked fortieth or worse on everything else, dropping us to 48 overall.

Here's where Hawaii ranked in all the different rankings:

Cost of doing business:
1. Iowa
49. Hawaii
50. New York

1. Florida
50. Hawaii

Quality of life
1. Hawaii
50. Louisiana

1. Texas
22. Hawaii
49. Nevada and Rhode Island

1. Texas
49. Hawaii
50. Alaska

Technology and innovation
1. California
43. Hawaii
50. Wyoming

1. Massachusetts
38. Hawaii
50. Nevada

Business friendliness
1. Delaware
42. Hawaii
50. West Virginia

Access to capital
1. California
32. Hawaii
40. Ten states tied for last place

Cost of living
1. Oklahoma and Tennessee
49. California and Hawaii 

Photo source: Jutka T. Emoke Barabas via Connect Now

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