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Honolulu catches Bieber Fever

Justin Bieber Justin Bieber
Robello Family Robello Family
Lilia Frigillana Lilia Frigillana
Glen Frigillana Glen Frigillana
Jon Sanchez Jon Sanchez

By Malika Dudley - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hundreds lined up Friday morning; some had been waiting for hours. Pre-teen girls, and their parents, made up the majority of the line.

To cut down on the probable chaos that would ensue with a first-come-first-served ticket sales process, random tokens were passed out at 8:00 AM. The Robello family, who had been there for 24 hours, got lucky.

"I came here I was second in line, I pulled I got number 16 so, I guess it was kinda worth it."

My ticket says I'm about 230th in line, pretty good, but I'm probably not going to get the best seats. The absolute best tickets are VIP, but you'll be shelling out hundreds for that. Normal ticket prices range from $25 to $65. You can also buy them online at Ticketmaster, but you won't be able to choose your seat and there is an increased service charge.

Why do you like Justin Bieber so much?

"Because he's cute and he can sing really good" said Lilia Frigillana.

Lilia, like so many others, was accompanied by her supportive dad.

"She's in love with Justin Bieber, as all the young girls, but as a dad I should be here with her" said Glen Frigillana.

"When I heard about him coming into town, my girls just love him so I decided why not?"said Jon Sanchez.

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Hawaii catches Bieber fever

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