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Funnel cloud over Lanai not a completely unfamiliar sight

KAUMALAPAU, Lanai (HawaiiNewsNow) – People on the island of Lanai witnessed an unusual sight in the Hawaiian Islands Tuesday morning. A funnel cloud was seen spinning over Kaumalapau Harbor.

James Johnson snapped this picture around 10:15 AM. He says the twister put on an impressive display for about 15 minutes. The funnel finally dissipated as it approached land.

Marni Mosher said as a former resident of Iowa, seeing a funnel cloud was nothing new, but it was strange to see one forming in Hawaii.

"It was straight down when I first got a glimpse of it and then it looked as if it were turning towards town …then it slowly started to disappear up in the big gray cloud above it, and that was the end of it" said Mosher.

Funnel clouds in the Hawaiian Islands are pretty rare so the remarkable thing about this one is it developed in almost exactly the same area where a tornado touched down four years ago. In March 2006, a small tornado destroyed a shed and several trailers at Kaumalapau Harbor. No one was hurt in that strike.

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