Howzit Howard: grocery store prices

Howzit Howard: grocery store prices

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii Business Magazine spent weeks repeatedly pricing 27 grocery items at several different locations of four supermarket chains: Safeway, Foodland, Times and Don Quijote.

Safeway was most expensive overall and the cheapest was Don Quijote.

But every chain was cheapest on something.

Times was cheapest for eggs, chicken thighs, Coke and peanut butter.

Safeway was cheapest for milk, soup, baby food, diapers and toilet paper.

Foodland was cheapest for Spam, Budweiser, calrose rice and Love's bread.

Don Quijote was cheapest for carrots, broccoli, hamburger, hot dogs, Coral tuna, Lion Coffee, saimin, shoyu, cat food and other items.

Times had the lowest prices on Maui, Foodland the lowest on Kauai.

Hawaii Business Magazine also learned that Safeway is adopting a policy of buying the land under its stores and renting adjacent space to compatible restaurants and shops, so it has sidestream revenue as a landlord.

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