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McCully, Moiliili residents speak out about homeless problem

Homeless camp outside McCully Library Homeless camp outside McCully Library
Rep. Scott Saiki Rep. Scott Saiki
Maile Burke Maile Burke
Debbie Kim Morikawa Debbie Kim Morikawa
Raymond Lalosin Raymond Lalosin

By Holly Juscen – bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - About 200 people showed up at Washington Middle School to voice their opinions about the homeless issue in the McCully - Moiliili area. It's an issue that has gotten worse over the past year , but especially over the last couple months.

Outside the McCully Library tents and homeless encampments line the sidewalks. Residents say the camps have grown every since city closed down parks at night.

"There are some sidewalks in the area that are not very accessible. Residents are afraid to walk on the sidewalks, they are scared for their safety, so it's become a real challenge for the community," said State Representative Scott Saiki, Moiliili, McCully, Paawa, Kaimuki.

"The face of it has changed i feel like there's more drugs, and there more kind of people with scary eyes," said Maile Burke, a Moiliili resident.

State representative Scott Saiki spear headed a three hour meeting Thursday night where lawmakers, law enforcement officials and city council members took input form the community, trying to come up with some solutions.

They need to come out and help people find jobs. I think that's a great strategy cause once you have a job you built your self esteem," said Burke.

"Homelessness is a complex issue and we need to address the individual situations on a case by case basis. There is no band aid, no one solution fix all," said Honolulu City Council Member, Debbie Kim Morikawa.

Lawmakers say a task force would help identify the core reason for homeless,  and one designated park would help keep things centralized, but kicking the camps off the sidewalk isn't an immediate solution.

"A quick solution that is out of the question it might fringe on American Civil Liberties Union because people have rights they are human beings just like me and you, " said Raymond Lalosin, a McCully resident.

Now that problem has moved to the sidewalks, the city of Honolulu is looking into possibly passing a law that would regulate the sidewalks. But that is the very touch subject because sidewalks everywhere are public domain.

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