‘Lingerie lunchwagon' serving up controversy

‘Lingerie lunchwagon' serving up controversy
Utufaasili McDermott
Utufaasili McDermott

By Grace Lee - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - There are all types of lunchwagons for local plate lunches, shrimp and Hawaiian food. But there is one in Kalihi that is stirring up some controversy with its lattes served by ladies in lingerie. Is it legal to serve up espresso in nothing but a teddy, panties and a smile?

Looking to go to the wild side? Then head to the corner of Puuhale Road and Dillingham Boulevard. Just across from OCCC you'll find the Wild Bean Espresso truck.

"And to look at girls dressed so nice, why not?" said barista Natasha.

Why not, indeed. The coffee and smoothie truck hopes to improve your day with your beverage of choice all served up in lingerie.

"Yeah I feel comfortable. It's sexy" said Natasha.

Open for about six weeks it attracts primarily male customers. None would talk to us on camera, but some say they stopped because they saw it passing by. Others say it's a great way to start the day.

"It was crazy already. I've been here for three hours. But it's really crazy for all of us."

On the menu all kinds of smoothies with sexy names, but this reporter decided to try something a little more traditional, a white chocolate mocha latte. So how does it taste at the Wild Bean Espresso? Not too bad. You can't really complain about the coffee itself. But there have been complaints about the clothes.

"This is right up in your face!" said Utufaasili McDermott.

McDermott is the mother of eight and has attended St. Anthony's Church for years.

"Do you have to wear that? Do you have to wear a thong and see through clothing so people can buy your coffee?"

McDermott believes the Wild Bean should be moved elsewhere, not two blocks away from Puuhale Elementary and a block from St. Anthony's Church and School.

"Is this the appropriate place to have your business? Where you know school will be starting soon and it's highly congested with children?" said McDermott.

Whether it's appropriate is debatable.

"Who wears a teddy in broad daylight? I don't wear a teddy in broad daylight."

As far as its legality, the State Department of Health says they don't judge on the morality of the establishment. As long as their clothes are clean and not interfering with the products they are making they are permitted to operate.

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