Study: Hawaii second happiest state in the US

Study: Hawaii second happiest state in the US

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – If you want to be happy, stay right here in the islands or consider a move to one of the Rocky Mountain states, according to an article published on the website Live Science. The study ranks Hawaii second only to Utah in terms the overall happiness of their residents.

The study quizzed over 350,000 people on several primary factors including overall evaluation of their lives, emotional health, physical health, healthy behaviors, and job satisfaction. States with higher median income levels and higher property values tended to be happier, although Hawaii is the only one of the top five states that is also in the top five of median income.

One researcher looking at the data speculated that Hawaii's relaxed lifestyle may be a contributing factor, but noted that the common thread that may link the top three, Utah, Hawaii and Wyoming, is stronger family and social relationships. Health, wealth and education also appear to be intertwined as factors. People with better educations tend to be more aware of healthy lifestyle choices and with higher incomes are more likely to have good health insurance.

Advanced education is also linked to job satisfaction, which is also seen as a key factor in happiness. Those with "super-creative" careers such as architecture, engineering, art, design, media, sports and entertainment are at a higher percentage in the happiest states.

Happiest states:

1. Utah
2. Hawaii
3. Wyoming
4. Colorado
5. Minnesota

Least happy states:

50. West Virginia
49. Kentucky
48. Mississippi
47. Ohio
46. Arkansas

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