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Hawaii House won't hold special veto override session

House Speaker Calvin Say House Speaker Calvin Say

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Hawaii House Speaker Calvin Say and his deputies will not hold a veto override session on Tuesday. In a statement Friday, Say said none of the bills that Governor Linda Lingle has vetoed during the last two months or may veto over the weekend warrant returning to the Capitol for a special session.

This includes the controversial civil union bill, passed by the House in April at the end of the session. Lingle has said she won't announce a decision on the measure until Tuesday.

"It's my personal belief that simply because we have the legislative super-majority to override is not justification for us to do so… the House should be proud of the work accomplished during the regular session - including balancing the state's budget without increasing the general excise tax, without increasing income taxes on low- and moderate-income families, and without scooping the counties' hotel tax share," said Say.

Say also said Lingle's preliminary objections appear to have merit, and the vetoed bills don't rise to a sufficient level of statewide concern to warrant an override session. In addition, he indicated that some of the bills designed to balance the budget are no longer as urgent due to improving state revenue projections.

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