Good Things: July 1, 2010

Good Things: July 1, 2010

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Let's take a look at some of the Good Things in the news.

Good news for windward Oahu residents; the Kailua fireworks show is on! The "Save Kailua Fireworks" committee reached its goal of $50,000. More than 50 businesses and hundreds of individuals donated money. The July 4th fireworks show will be held at Kailua Beach, beginning at 8:00pm. A similar fund drive was held last year to raise funds for the only fireworks show on Oahu's windward side.

It's winter in South Africa, but that isn't keeping a World Cup fan from creating sand art. A Mozambique sand artist has created World Cup stadiums, soccer players and even the World Cup itself out of the wet sand. Beach sand is dampened with sea water to assist in the construction of these massive sand castles.

And finally, for the first time ever, the China National Religious Games were held. In Dali City, thousands of monks, Taoist nuns, Muslims, Catholics and Protestants all competed against each other in an Olympic-style events. The competitions included table tennis, badminton, basketball, rope skipping and tug-of-war. The games are held to promote a better understanding between the different religions.

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