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AlohaCare Monthly Check Up: Men's Health Month

Dan Feruya Dan Feruya
Dr. Wilson Liu Dr. Wilson Liu
Dr. Rio Banner Dr. Rio Banner

By Tannya Joaquin - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - June is Men's Health Month and one man who learned that you shouldn't wait to get medical attention shared his story for our Monthly Check Up report. Dan Furuya is only 34, but he already has a long list of health problems.

"I have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and I have chronic back pain. I also have nerve damage in my right hand that doesn't allow me to extend my two fingers" said Furuya.

Twice a month, he gets checked out by Dr. Wilson Liu at Waikiki Health Center.

Furuya didn't used to get the care he needed.

He says "when I lost my full time job a couple years ago I lost my insurance and during that time I wasn't seeing a doctor, I wasn't getting my medications I really, my health really got worse and that was the wakeup call that I needed".

Dr. Liu had this to say about Dan's various conditions.

"With Dan, he has high blood pressure, he has diabetes, and he actually has low back pain that's become sort of chronic. Those are some of very common issues that we deal with."

Doctor Rio Banner, Medical Director for AlohaCare says men don't pay enough attention to their health.

"Men tend to die earlier than women nationwide and that's not because the disease, might be heart disease or cancer is any worse in men. It's just that men usually have waited longer to get attention" explains Dr. Banner.

He recommends annual check ups to stay on top of your condition.

Rule of thumb, according to Banner, "Have a file in your doctor's office that if nothing else has your blood pressure, your weight, your cholesterol."

That information can help doctors come up with the best game plan for you.

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