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Freeway Service Patrol expands service area

Brennon Morioka Brennon Morioka

By Taizo Braden - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii's popular Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) is celebrating their one year anniversary of helping stranded Oahu drivers by expanding their service area to Central and West Oahu.

So now all six of FSP tow trucks will be patrolling all the way out to Kunia on the H-1 and for Central Oahu drivers the patrol now extends from the H-1 H-2 merge all the way to Mililani Mauka.

With a 20% increase in the surface area that the freeway service patrol is covering well they are loading up extra cones gas and gear to help everybody out on the roads with this free service.

Because thousands of stranded drivers have been helped at no cost, the public response to this pilot project is one of the reasons the state Department of Transportation hopes to announce more expansion of the FSP soon.

"It is one of the greatest programs we have ever launched the response has been overwhelming, it is almost 95% positive and 5% not positive. They are saying we are doing a good job... so everything we are getting back is that need to continue and expand. You know I wouldn't be surprised to see someday in the near future we will see this program expand to the neighbor islands as well, it is that good of a program," said Brennon Morioka, Hawaii DOT Director.

New data shows that 80% of the time, the FSP is on the scene of a stall or accident within Ten minutes. That makes a huge difference clearing the roads during the busy morning and afternoon commute and the FSP drivers aren't just focusing on moving the vehicle safely...they are trained to help provide some stress relief.

"That is one of the biggest responses we get... 'their guys handle the situation so well,' I mean these guys are freaking out on the road and cars stalled, cars going by at 60 mph and they are just panicking and sometimes you lose your senses. So these guys come in and calm them down....So yeah these guys are like roving psychologist they should get some honorary degree," said Brennon Morioka.

So the next time something happens to you and you need help on the H-1 or H-2 stay calm and call 841-help and I promise the awesome guys FSP will there soon to get you safely going again.

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