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Good Things: June 30, 2010

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Let's take a look at some of our Good Things stories.

Do you drink a soda in the morning on the way to work? Well maybe this car is for you. It's a rocket car powered by Coke and Mentos. Inventors Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz won't say how many bottles they used (it's a trade secret) but their invention flew right down 5th Avenue in New York City this morning. What we don't know is whether this soda-fueled car will go into mass production.

World Cup fever has gone underwater. Officials at a German Aquarium put two containers of food in front of Paul, the octopus. One was covered with a German flag and the other with an Argentina flag. Paul picked the German flag.. smart pick considering Paul is in Berlin. He didn't want to become calamari.

And in California, the state bid a happy retirement to its longest serving postal worker. After nearly 4 decades, 95 year-old Chester Reed is calling it quits. That's pretty remarkable when you consider he didn't start postal work until after 25 years in the Air Force. That adds up to almost 63 years of government service. He never took a day off. He has more than 4,000 hours of sick leave accumulated. Chester says it has been the best job he ever had.

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