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Teen killed in golf cart accident

The stolen golf cart The stolen golf cart
Clarence Jasper Clarence Jasper
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By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

Halawa Heights (HawaiiNewsNow) - A stolen golf cart turns deadly. We now know the identity of the teenager killed Monday in Halawa Heights.

Friends of the victim tell Hawaii News Now that Roland Javier died this afternoon when the golf cart he was in went out of control on Nahiolea Street.

Honolulu police arrested the cart's driver for negligent homicide and operating a stolen vehicle.

The driver of the golf cart is free.

Police released him, pending further investigation.

Friends say it was Javier of Ewa Beach who died in the crash.

The golf cart was stolen, the hill on Nahiolea Street was way too steep, and the driver, just 16-years old, was barely old enough to have a license.

"I was just trippin' out. My heart dropped when I heard he got hurt," said Clarence Jasper, Javier's friend.

Jasper says Javier had just graduated from Radford High.

Police say he was in the passenger seat and either jumped or fell out as the cart went out of control.

"I just don't want to believe it right now," said Jasper.

"He had blood all around his ears and his head and I could see the blood dripping down the road," said Bryson Wong, a witness.

"There were really no witnesses to the incident. They just noticed the person lying on the ground," said Maj. Thomas Nitta of the Honolulu Police Department.

Police say the driver and possibly a third person took off, abandoned the golf cart at Ohapueo Place, then went back to check on their friend.

"A couple minutes later, a car came to pick them up and then they left with the car and they left their friend on the ground," said Wong.

Police say that car was a red Civic, which drove back to the golf cart.

Witnesses say the driver of the golf cart left his backpack in it, and came back for it.

By that time, officers were there, and arrested him.

"He was talking to somebody on the phone and said he was going down the hill, when the cart started going really fast. He tried to hit the brakes, he heard the brakes pop," said Radley Sheldon, who witnessed the arrest.

Investigators are checking to see if the brakes did in fact go out.

Meanwhile, friends and family are struggling with the sudden loss.

"Roland, I love you dog, never going to forget you. Hope you're resting in peace my brother," said Jasper.

Just a few weeks ago, on the Big Island, 14-year-old Bronson De Rego died in a golf cart accident.

Police say he was riding in the back and fell out after the driver turned into a driveway.

He too, died of head injuries.

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