Local connection: What's in a name?

What's in a name? Chevrolet confirms its new ad agency is asking employees to stop saying Chevy. The investment website, Motley Fool, says when BP finishes cleaning up the Gulf it should change its name. The Exxon Valdez sailed again only after it was renamed the Exxon Mediterranean.

In Hawaii, Hackfeld's met anti-German sentiment by renaming its retail chain, Liberty House. L&L Drive-Inn called itself L&L Hawaiian Barbecue on the mainland so people knew what to expect, then adopted the name here so tourists could find them.

Two things. One, it's a good thing when consumers give you an affectionate nickname, like Coke, Mac or Chevy. Second, maybe a good way of judging a business's behavior is when its brand name is too admired to even consider changing. What's in a name? More than I thought at first.