The new movie, "Mother and Child," is about the deep bond between mothers and daughters. It's an ambitious drama, but I can give it only a mixed review.

Annette Bening stars as Karen, a fifty-one year old woman who got pregnant at the age of 14, gave the baby up for adoption, and felt bad about that ever since.

Naomi Watts is 37 year old Elizabeth, the daughter Karen gave up for adoption. Elizabeth has never tried to find her biological mother and both women have been damaged by the repercussions of that adoption.

Karen tells a man who's interested in her that she's not a weirdo, "but I'm different." In fact, she's cold as ice.

Elizabeth tells a man who's interviewing her for a job that women find her "threatening."  She too is aloof and independent.

A third actress, Kerry Washington, plays a woman who'd trying to adopt a baby.

All three give strong, sensitive performances that make "Mother and Child" worth seeing even though the script is like a soap opera with serious intentions.

Male characters get the short shrift in this film though Samuel L. Jackson is truly convincing as the boss who's attracted to Elizabeth in spite of himself.

"Mother and Child" may not be Oscar caliber drama, but that doesn't prevent these excellent actors from delivering real human emotion.