Honu You Hawaiian Spa

Discover Honu You.  We are a resort-quality spa in the comfort of downtown Kailua, seamlessly blending the sophistication and professional standards of a world class spa with the down to earth feel of a small beach town.  When browsing our menu of services please keep in mind that in the spirit of this balance all of our prices include tax and we kindly decline tips.  Honu You Hawaiian Spa opened its doors on December 1, 2003. Owners Jennifer & Cory Mehau recognized an opportunity to provide their hometown of Kailua with professional, holistic, results-oriented, resort-quality spa treatments and products. Both brought a wealth of knowledge and skills not only of the spa, wellness, and fitness industries but of construction, entrepreneurship and education/training as well. Having each lived "away"-collectively for 21 years- and traveled –combined- to Asia, Europe, Indonesia, Mexico, and the South Pacific- their attraction to the spa world was in part due to its global appeal. The potential for contributing to lifestyle choices-with a tangible and profound impact- further sparked their interest and they foresaw Honu You Hawaiian Spa as a way of sharing the world and healing the world ( in particular their little piece- Kailua) one person at a time

Our passion, as well as our mission, is to bring wellness to our daily lives by emphasizing balance, simplicity, and excellence through:

Superior treatments

  1. We offer treatments on par with large resort spas
  2. We do complete phone consultations before booking appointments for optimal treatment results, as well as, thorough in-house consultations before treatment and track clients' results to ensure treatment effectiveness
  3. We design, test and rehearse our treatments to deliver.

Superior products

  1. We only offer professional product lines. You can find Jan Marini and Jane Iredale cosmetics in dermatologist and plastic surgeons' offices as well as Honu You Hawaiian Spa.
  2. We are the exclusive retailer of Epicuren Discovery Spa products in Kailua, Oahu.
  3. Every member of our staff receives frequent product knowledge training and participates in testing new products before they go on our shelves. If we do not love it, we do not carry it.

Superior education

  1. We make the time to thoroughly review each client's specific needs and educate them on how to achieve the results they are seeking. Finding balance to restore stress related headaches, cystic acne, or premature aging is a process. As a client's condition changes and improves, we are constantly re-evaluating and updating home care, lifestyle habits, and treatment modifications necessary to achieve our clients' desired results.
  2. Attendance at vendor sponsored trainings
  3. Extensive in-house training



122 Oneawa Street
Kailua, HI 96734
(808) 261-1268

Restrictions: valid for services only, not valid for products

Please call ahead for appointment