Girlfriend testifies against man accused of killing Kailua attorney

Girlfriend testifies against man accused of killing Kailua attorney
Daniel Kahanaoi
Daniel Kahanaoi
Derek Jordan
Derek Jordan

By Jim Mendoza - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - "He was lying face first in front of the hallway closet," Rusty Anoba said.

Anoba testified for the prosecution in the murder trial of her boyfriend, Daniel Kahanaoi.

Prosecutors said Kahanaoi murdered Kailua attorney Craig Kimsel because he suspected Anoba was staying at his home.

She said she was there the night of April 28, 2009, to borrow money for her son and hid when Kahanaoi showed up.

Deputy prosecutor Jeen Kwak played the jury a recording of a 911 call Kimsel made just before he was shot. A frantic Anoba is heard screaming after finding his body.

"There was a pool of blood under his face and there was a bullet hole in his back that was still smoking," she testified Monday.

Kahanaoi is accused of shooting Kimsel twice, once in the neck and once in the back.

Witness Derek Jordan said Kahanaoi stopped at his house first before going to Kimsel's Oneawa Street home.

"I was just telling him whatever you do, if you do go over there and you see something you don't want to see, don't be doing nothing dumb.  Don't whack nobody.  Don't hurt nobody," he said.

Kimsel was an attorney. He and Anoba were romantically involved but Anoba said it ended in 2007.

Kimsel's family said he had installed security cameras and a tall fence to protect himself against Kahanaoi.

Anoba said after the shooting she ran upstairs, fearing Kahanaoi would return.

Kahanaoi insists he shot Kimsel in self-defense.

Defense attorney John Schum asked Anoba whether earlier statements she made about Kahanaoi threatening her and Kimsel with violence was true or false.

"Did he say that?" he asked.

"No. He did not," she answered.

"So he never said that he would kill the two of you if he found you together?" Schum asked.

"No," Anoba said.

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