There are millions of reasons you should get chiropractic care. We could list them for you, and we encourage you to read through the articles on the Health Resources page, but we think our patients say it best. Below are some of the things they have to say about Chiropractic Adjustments, the Wellness Lifestyle, and our Clinic.

"Everyone needs to feel the changes I have. It will make you thankful, inspired, and ready for more!" Kima Young

"The team takes time and consideration with each patient. It inspires me to really work hard too." - Kima Young

"Our health care systems are really messed up. It actually makes me mad! They give people "pills" to fix the problem. All they want is to cover the pain and make money. Wellness program is about fixing the problem in a natural way. The way it should be."- Kima Young

"Their commitment to my health is second to NONE!" - Charles Doral

"I'm glad my family is getting adjusted so we can lead healthier lives." - Ijeva Bambridge

"Because our spine is the protective case for our life line, our spinal cord, it makes sense for us to assure that our spine is always in tip top shape." - Galien Larita

"I feel like I'm not by myself on this journey. I have a great support team and I know with you all I can do everything I put my mind to. I feel like a part of the family and I LOVE the entire team." - Chellezette "Chella" Mapp

"[My] family has more energy now a days and are all excited to come to get adjusted." - Scott Tanna

"I think it's important for everyone to have a subluxation check up to assure being in or remaining in optimal health." - B Jay Luke

"Team's dedication at the Lifetime Family Wellness Center is fantastic. They 'walk the walk'." - Robert Yamamura

"The world's view is skewed because it does not focus on a pro-active way to maintain good health. Instead it focuses on prescription drugs and surgery." - Robert Yamamura

"Earlier the world's view was more about band-aid quick fixes and chemical substitutions for wellness. Here it's about naturally achieving health and wellness, watching fast, successful progression." - Jocelin Heelui

"It took a while to get my subluxation straight, but it really worked. My back and posture is near perfect. The best part: I'm pain free and feel so much better now. I've a long time patient and true believer of chiropractic medicine. I always tell people in pain just give this a try because it worked for me and I'm so happy it did." - Jocelin Heelui

"With chiropractic adjustments I am able to walk better since being paralyzed in 1996 and in turn lost 60 pounds." - Wallace K.F. Lee Jr.

"My right hip had been hurting for over a year and a half. The pain went away completely.  Also my neck used to feel stiff and that is gone too. Coming to the chiropractor give me confidence that I am doing good for my health." - Lowana Richardson

"When the doctors at Lifetime Family Wellness Centers met us at our office, I wasn't interested to join the program at all. I thought that I didn't need any adjustment and it was only a waste of time coming to the center. My co-workers did their x-rays and after some positive feedbacks after their adjustments, workouts and workshops, I finally came in for x-rays. This decision has really changed my life, which I will not forget. The adjustments made me feel better. The workouts have helped me become stronger. The workshops and handouts were educational. I always share what I have learned at the Center to my family and my friends too."  - Nelia B. Castr

"Lifetime Family Wellness Centers has been like a place of refuge for me. I am so thankful for you guys! I feel renewed." - California Miles