Chatting with Billy V: June 15, 2010

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Dr. Conrad Murray gets to keep his California medical license. The judge told the courtroom that he didn't want to overrule the February decision and also that he didn't have jurisdiction over handling Murray's medical license. Michael Jackson's family were all present to hear the ruling. Janet Jackson, who wasn't there, tweeted about her support for brother Randy, who has been spearheading the efforts to get Dr. Murry's medical license taken away.

A Utah judge on Monday ordered that Gary Coleman's remains be cremated no sooner than Wednesday afternoon, so Coleman's ex-girlfriend has enough time to travel from Oregon to Utah to see his body. An independent attorney has been appointed to oversee Coleman's property and the cremation of his remains until a dispute between Coleman's ex-wife and ex-girlfriend is settled. No cremation date has not been set yet.

Kaimuki girl and Kauaʻi boy, put these two talented people together, and you get the group Kûpaoa, which translated into English means "Strong lingering fragrance".  Lîhau Hannahs and Kellen Paik have a new CD called "English Rose" with lots of original music!  They are proud graduates of the

University of Hawaii-Hawaiian Studies Department and also Na Hoku Hanohano Award Winners for their first release last year.  Their Sophmore release shows their maturity in the mele and strength of their ʻÔlelo!  Congrats to Kûpaoa!

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