Changing Aging with Dr. Bill Thomas June 3-10, 2010

Welcome to the new weekly blog roundup for June 3-10, 2010.

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Cult of Adulthood

The first, most important, and unbreakable rule is that men have no place offering opinions on whether women should or should not "go gray."  -- Dr. Bill Thomas

Still Swinging in the UK

Britain's oldest "swinging" couple is the subject of a feature article. Older people are "desexualized" by our culture when, in fact, they remain sexual beings. -- Dr. Bill Thomas

Social Media

One of America's largest and most influential membership organizations -- AARP -- is going social. Normally, I'd advise against trying to reinvent the social networking wheel when a juggernaut like Facebook is pushing 500 million users. But AARP takes the plunge by launching the AARP Online Community. -- Kavan Peterson


Old Men Playing Games

"Lose, and the Celtics are too old. Win, and they are an experienced team." "Old age" is a relative term. Old age for pro-basketball players starts at thirty. Thirty is very young for a novelist. Old age is not an absolute concept because age cannot be understood without reference to society, culture and environment. -- Dr. Bill Thomas


Here is the thing. I have spoken in front of crowds as large as 7,000 people. I have given speeches on four continents. I am very comfortable on stage and in public. Playing music in front of an audience for the first time is a different thing. It is new. It is scary.


The Peace of the Bonobos

The more we learn, the narrower the gap between human brains and animal brains becomes. -- Dr. Bill Thomas

NPR ran a story Tuesday about research examining possible correlations between word density in younger writings and later risks for dementia. Fascinating stuff. -- Dr. All Power