Changing Aging with Dr. Bill Thomas May 21-27, 2010

Welcome to the new weekly blog roundup for May 21-27, 2010

Culture Change

Green House homes, considered the pinnacle of the movement, have spread to 26 states and counting. -- Kavan Peterson

Bob Vila's home improvement blog, On The Level, has a great post featuring a volunteer program in Baltimore that pairs volunteer handymen with elders in their community who need minor home repairs. -- Dr. Bill Thomas

The Erickson School's masters program for the Management of Aging Services (MAgS) counts among its alumni professionals as diverse as lawyers, publishers, artists, nursing directors, and, of course, seniors housing executives – hailing from states as far away as Texas. But one small retirement community in particular – Quaker-directed Broadmead in Cockeysville, Md. – dominates the school's young crop of alumni with seven graduates, including the company's CEO, Rich Compton '08. -- Kavan Peterson

Social Media

ChangingAging on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has dozens of Groups related to eldercare and aging services. But interestingly, I found no groups related to culture change. I think there's a huge opportunity on LinkedIn to mobilize culture change advocates. -- Kavan Peterson

Cult of Adulthood

The idea that time flies faster as you age is a commonly held truism and has been upheld by research. But several new studies indicate otherwise. -- Dr. Bill Thomas


I fear the explosion of chemical agents that will be foisted on people with real existential issues that they grapple with on a daily basis. -- Dr. Al Power


I am attending a conference on Dementia Care in Canterbury, UK. It's a great meeting with loads of energy. -- Dr. Bill Thomas

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