The new comedy, "Get Him to the Greek" is a hit with audiences and critics alike.  (I'm less enthusiastic.) It's one of those raunchy but sweet comedies produced by Judd Apatow.

Written and directed by the same people who filmed "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," "Get Him to the Greek" is often smart and funny, but its frantic screwball comedy is a bit uneven and goes on a little too long.

Jonah Hill is Aaron Green, a nerdy music company employee assigned to transport a once popular rock star from London to L.A. for a ten year anniversary concert.

Russell Brand is the wasted rocker Aldous Snow. (The same character (and actor) was in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall.) Aldous would rather party than travel. And he leads Aaron into a night of debauchery.

But Aaron soon realizes the rocker he once idolized is an unhappy, insecure celebrity, burying his troubles beneath sex, drugs, and alcohol.

The two actors work really well together. Brand has a wild charisma that brings his character to life. And Hill is more than capable as the put-upon flunky who tries in vain to appease and control the raunchy rocker.

The two have one thing in common. Both have relationship problems.  Aldous is in still in love with his ex-wife. and Aaron's live-in girlfriend wants to move to Seattle.

"Get Him to the Greek" is definitely worth seeing as long as you're not offended by crude humor and lots of use of the "F" word.

Just don't expect the raunchy and the sweet to blend together perfectly.