Howzit Howard: HC&S Sugar

Howzit Howard: HC&S Sugar

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Chris Benjamin runs Alexander & Baldwin's HC&S Sugar. he says the survival of sugar depends on many factors including prices, but the plantation has a fighting chance of survival a ruling by the Hawaii Commission on Water Resource Management. The commission, which recently restricted farm takes from east Maui streams, now says the same about four streams in west Maui. Eight hundred people work for HC&S Sugar.

Hawaii jobless claims are down for the fourth week, 1,760 total. Claims rose on Kauai but fell on the other islands.

Mainland hotel occupancy was 57 percent last week, Orlando worse. Oahu was 72 percent full, below the last week of May but better than last year.

Governor Lingle, still in China, has met with officials in Guangdong Province. Most Chinese factories making stuff for America are in Guangdong, formerly known in the west as Canton. Its population is 96 million, almost a third of the entire American population. Five our of six ethnic-Chinese in Hawaii are Cantonese.

New Census data concerning Hawaii. One in five Hawaii residents is age 65 or older. And more than half the state population is over the age of 37.

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