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Good Things: June 10, 2010

New York's most expensive hotel room New York's most expensive hotel room
Beer taster of London Beer taster of London
Napping during President's speech Napping during President's speech

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - We all know hotel rooms in New York are expensive, but $35,000 a night? That's how much you'll pay for the best suite at the Four Seasons Hotel. The 4,300 square food penthouse has panoramic views of Manhattan and comes with butler service and a Rolls Royce with of course your own driver. One thing it doesn't have...discounted rates. So don't even ask.

Thousands of people applied for the best job in the world... the city of London's official beer taster. The final group of possible tasters took part in a blind taste test of 16 types of beer followed by a one minute speech. A local accountant took the title after his speech "hail to the ale" impressed the judges. The winner took home $1,400 and will now blog about his adventures of beer tasting across the city.

He's one of the most charismatic politicians in the world, capable of giving speeches that inspire millions of voters. But there is at least one young man who'd rather take a nap that listen to President Obama wax poetic. Check out the teen in the up right corner, nodding off during the President's speech. The comedic clip has since made its way around the web and the exhausted student has garnered quite a fanbase on Facebook.

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