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Good Things: June 8, 2010

Iraqi Ice Skating Rink Iraqi Ice Skating Rink
Fan gets two chances at foul ball Fan gets two chances at foul ball

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - You probably don't associate Iraq with winter sports, but check out this video of an ice rink in northern Iraq. This is Iraq's first and only ice skating rink. And you can see local Iraqi's are picking up some smooth moves on the ice. The rink can see to a thousand visitors a day now that summer is here and people are looking to take a cool break from the hot middle east weather.

A Pittsburgh Pirate's baseball fan was chasing down a foul ball hit in the top of the fifth inning of a game over the weekend. Now you can see the fan in Pirate's jersey almost get the ball, but at the last second he misses it, and is quite disappointed as he throws his glove in disgust. But in the same at bat, another foul bout is hit and the fan gets it this time, celebrates, then gives it to a younger fan, and made the little tikes day.

England...the land of culture and the queen. And also the World Championship Shin-Kicking contest. Contestants were allowed to stuff their pants with straw to help deflect the low blows. It was a double elimination contest, so contestants could try and spread the pain between two legs.

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