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Longtime readers, staffers bid farewell to Honolulu Advertiser

Coll Daniel Coll Daniel
Helen Yoshino Helen Yoshino
Norm Shapiro Norm Shapiro
Wayne Harada Wayne Harada

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Sunday was the day longtime Honolulu Advertiser readers and staffers dreaded. Over breakfast and coffee, devoted readers enjoyed the paper for the very last time.

"I lament the passing of the newspaper," Earle Partington, longtime Advertiser reader, said. "I'm fearful that in the decades to come, newspapers are going to decline even more."

"I've been reading the Advertiser for, God, close to 31 years," Coll Daniel, longtime Advertiser reader, said. "The Advertiser has always been my favorite."

But it's the end of an era in Honolulu, the end of competing dailies. On Monday, the combined Star-Advertiser will debut.

"I don't want the Star-Advertiser," Helen Yoshino, longtime Advertiser reader, said. "I just want Honolulu Advertiser. I'm going to miss them and I'm going to miss all the staff."

Some 400 newspaper workers are losing their jobs, including photographer Norm Shapiro, 67, who captured many special moments during his 18 years with the Advertiser.

"I think in a few days, probably, it will sink in that there is no more job and time to move on," Shapiro said.

He took a shot of the final press run Saturday night, his last photo for the Advertiser. But he considers one from April his all-time favorite, the day Tyson Alualu became an NFL draft pick.

"Hundreds of people running around screaming, shouting, shaking hands, I knew he and his wife had not had a moment alone," Shapiro recalled. "So I just waited and waited. I actually probably waited about half an hour to finally when they had a moment, just the two of them at least looking at you, nobody hanging on them. I think if I look back over the Advertiser, that's my best photo. That's what photo-journalism really is."

For longtime entertainment columnist Wayne Harada, the loss of the Advertiser is heartbreaking.

"Economy was getting better so paper was starting to make money, then, wham, it hit you right between the eyes," Harada said. "Although I wasn't in the front line by then because I had retired, it still pierced my heart."

Many Advertiser readers we spoke with said they'll rely even more on the Internet for their daily news.

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