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June 4, 2010

Local connection: Let's really hear from the candidates

Neil Abercrombie says Mufi Hannemann should resign as mayor now and devote himself full-time to the governor's race... as he did. Hannemann says the special congressional election was expensive, and Abercrombie should have stayed in office... as he's doing.

Each man is attacking the other, while each one says he wants to run a positive campaign. Let's be frank here. Both men are passionate about what they do. Both are seat-of-the-pants speakers. Both love to debate. I don't think we're gonna get them to stop slugging at each other!

But I think we can stand that, if they also tell us what we want to hear, which is what, specifically, they intend to do if elected. That goes for Duke Aiona, too. His big talking point so far is that Hawaii can't afford the other guys. Aiona has avoided controversy for years. That was smart. But now he, too, needs to start telling voters what he'll do if they elect him.

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