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Wahine winning over fans in Oklahoma

Kevin Hashiro Kevin Hashiro
Karen Sabog and Patrick Tom Karen Sabog and Patrick Tom
Kathleen Heck (left) Kathleen Heck (left)
Darren Cravalho Darren Cravalho
Jacob Lomely Jacob Lomely

OKLAHOMA CITY (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's been a fairytale ride for the Rainbow Wahine softball team, unseating top ranked Alabama in the super regional and then yesterday's dramatic win over Missouri. Hawaii girls have a whole lot of support here on the islands but also in Oklahoma City, where fans are traveling from near and far to see the slugging Wahine play in the World Series.

Fans are wearing all sorts of colors as they line up to get in the stadium, including green.

"Well you know this is the first for the softball team it's a historic opportunity event for Wahine softball and so I'm just here to support the team," said Kevin Hashiro a UH Wahine fan.

"A lot of green out here on the bus, a little 10-mintute ride over here," said Patrick Tom.

We saw Gina Taualii, the mom of one of the players," said Karen Sabog.

Most of the people here supporting the Wahine have traveled from the islands to watch the game. But, UH merchandise is even being scooped up by Hawaii's opponents. That's right, fans from elsewhere are supporting UH. Some fans from Oklahoma were jumping on the UH bandwagon.

"Absolutely, man they're awesome, #16 taking out #1 Alabama, we have to root for them, there's no other team here this week," said Kathleen Heck.

Oklahoma City resident Darren Cravalho is originally from Kalihi.

"Even though I don't follow too much softball, they're here. World Series once in a lifetime gotta come," said Cravalho.

There is a lot of excitement over Hawaii's Cinderella season and the true believers don't see any reason why the Wahine can't bring home a national championship.

"If they got the same exact heart they played with against Alabama, if they can play that same way with every team out here, they can do it," said Jacob Lomely, Melissa Gonzalez's brother.

"Any pitches that are anywhere in their wheelhouse, they're gonna take it out, they're gonna leave the yard, and their pitching really came out last week at Alabama when they needed to, so I definitely give them a shot," said Hashiro.

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