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Good Things: June 2, 2010

Mentos fresh rocket car Mentos fresh rocket car
Cheese rolling Cheese rolling

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Dr. V and Taizo have done an experiment similar to this on Weird Science, but two guys from Maine took it to the "fresh" level. They attached 108 bottles of Coke and 640 pieces of Mentos to the back of a vehicle. The resulting explosion made the vehicle move 221 feet. Afterward, the gentlemen sipped Coke from champagne bottles to toast their successful experiment. Check out next week's Weird Science when Dr. V does a similar experiment with the keiki in Waianae.

Because of the multitude of injuries that happened at last year's "Gloucester Cheese Rolling Event," the tumble was officially canceled this year. Well that didn't stop hundreds from showing up and taking part in the 200 year event, even though it was unofficial. Some people worry that the unofficial cheese-rolling event could jeopardize the future of the centuries-old tradition. But the cheese rebels could not be stopped. Runners careered down the treacherous incline, chasing a seven pound wheel of cheese. The good news, there were no major injuries.

Here's a wedding Steve would love attending. A New York couple might've needed some moist towelettes before sliding wedding rings onto each other's fingers. Kristy Zimmerman and Clifton Swigart tied the knot at their favorite restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings. It wasn't just because the spot had the perfection reception munchies. The restaurant, which has sentimental meaning for the couple, closed on Sunday.

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