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27 people seeking open council seat

Lori Wingard Lori Wingard
Jonathan Lai Jonathan Lai
Jo-Ann Adams Jo-Ann Adams
Greg Knudsen Greg Knudsen

By Tim Sakahara - bio | email

Honolulu (HawaiiNewsNow) - Right now a list of 27 candidates for city council is circulating around Honolulu Hale. Tonight was the deadline to submit resumes to fill Charles Djou's vacant seat in East Oahu.

Lori Wingard is no stranger to the halls of Honolulu Hale. She was Charles Djou's chief of staff for five years before they mutually agreed to part ways in December 2008. Now she'd like to fill her former boss's seat and says it's in no way a chance to get back at Djou.

"Not at all. I live in the community, my children go to public school in Aina Haina and I'm doing it more for them and the community that I love," said Wingard, from Honolulu Hale before meetings with some of the council members.

She has even started her own petition and since Thursday has so far received more than 400 signatures of support to show the council.

"The public generally chooses but because there is no special election here I've gone out to the community and asked for their support," said Wingard.

Jonathan Lai is a banking attorney with Watanabe Ing, LLP. He can see Honolulu Hale from his downtown high rise office. He's also has Djou's personal recommendation for the job. They've been friends since the seventh grade while students at Punahou.

"Out from the gate I would like to mention I am not intending to run for office in fall 2010. I do want to be a bridge for transition and make sure that I will work with the person who is elected whoever that person may be," said Lai.

Estate Planning and Probate Attorney Jo-Ann Adams serves on the Waikiki Neighborhood Board and thinks it's about time someone from Waikiki represent the district.

"Waikiki is the economic engine not only of Honolulu but of the entire state. I think it's important to have someone from Waikiki on the board because our issues are complex. This is the densest neighborhood in the world, even denser than Hong Kong and we have plenty of mixed uses. We have commercial, residential, we have small business and big business, high rises and low rises, homeless, we have everything here so there is a real complicated mix of issues in Waikiki and those issues need to be properly represented and understood," said Adams.

Greg Knudsen is neighborhood board chair for Hawaii Kai. He's retired from the Department of Education and says he's used to working on big budgets, like he'd face as a councilman.

"I was with the DOE for 20 years and we dealt with what is now a $2.4 billion budget. Much of what I did as communication director was thoroughly analyzing the budget and try to relate it to the public," said Knudsen.

Francis "Scotty" Anderson is the Waialae-Kahala Neighborhood Board Chair. He is in Finland at the moment but wants the job so bad he's coming back a week early and will arrive on Monday, a day before the council makes its final vote on the selection.

They are just a few of the many applicants highly motivated for the job but only one will fill hole left in the council.

The council will send the applicants a series of questions and will hear the responses in a special meeting this Thursday at 1:00 at Honolulu Hale. The council is expected to make its selection that night and will have a final vote at the full council meeting June 9.

Below is an alphabetized list of all 27 applicants that submitted their resume by today's deadline.

Jo-Ann Adams

William Alcon

Francis M. (Scotty) Anderson

John Aylett

Tom Battisto

Myron Berney

Benjamin Bystrom

Douglas Crum

Frank De Giacomo

Lee Donohue

Cameron K. Heen

Donna Ikeda

Natalie Iwasa

Marsha Rose Joyner

Joe Kindrich

Greg Knudsen

Jonathan Lai

Jeremy Low

Amy Monk

Lucinda Pyles

Tate Robison

Vaughn Sherwood

Judy Sobin

Warner Sutton

Carl Takamura

Lori Wingard

Brian Yamane

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